The Seniors Organization that grew...

The program we created from scratch for this 501(c)4 now has an active supporter base of nearly 700,000 people, and we have worked with them for over 20 years. The income from these supporters provides almost 100% of the funds this organization needs to fulfill its mission as an advocacy group focusing on national legislation at the congressional level.


CDMG developed a direct mail acquisition and renewal program designed to raise funds and increase public awareness; this was recently expanded to include email campaigns.

A key element to the success of this mail program is the development of multiple “control” packages and, typically, we have packages that speak to three or more different issues in rotation.

We test a wide variety of issues in order to select those that resonate best with supporters and, through the direct mail program, have frequently identified new issues that are of importance to potential supporters and that have then been successfully integrated into the client’s legislative agenda.

A new website was also recently developed that provides important information on complex issues to seniors, the media, and legislators. Finally, we created a turnkey newsletter with rich, valuable, and useful content. This is available to supporters as an “opt in” benefit and is emailed to those who supply email addresses, sent in paper form to qualified members, and posted to the website.

In addition, after decades of testing modeling systems from a wide variety of vendors with disappointing results, we found a source to create models and supply overlays that produce a substantial increase in both response and average gift. We have successfully rolled out this modeling program to other clients.


The direct mail program generates substantial revenue and, until recently, was the sole source of revenue. One might not think that email fundraising would be a viable channel for an organization that represents older Americans. However, we work with The Engage Group to use email campaigns which have added thousands of new members and provided a cost-effective way to communicate important and timely issues and to encourage grass roots activity.
An ongoing media relations program tied to the newsletter and research program we created has resulted in national reporters turning to our client as a source for precise information on numerous topics related to senior citizen issues. This also results in calls from congressional staff seeking assistance.
All in all, we’ve helped build a robust membership and acquisition program for this client encompassing much more than simply fundraising.

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