build supporter lists

Campaigns that incite action, raise funds and grow an organization is our core focus.

Direct mail is an ideal way to provide steady revenue to help you deliver more of your mission. But in order for mailings to be effective there is much to be done.

Here’s a quick overview of all the details we manage for our clients:

List Procurement – the lists to which you mail are integral to your campaign’s success. We work with data companies to perform modeling to find the best perspective donors for your message.

House File Management – the lists we build for our clients not only have value for the action that those individuals take, but the list as a whole has tremendous value. We manage your list to generate additional income for your mailing programs and establish exchange relationships with other mailers.

Creative and & Copy – speaking to your target market in a manner that causes them to take action – sign a petition, send a donation or call their Congressman – our copy and creative inspires your donors to take the action you need.

Print, Personalization & Mailing – once we develop your messaging, write the copy and design the art we get busy putting ink to paper, personalizing each piece, placing it in envelopes, obtaining the best possible postage rates and tracking delivery of your mail campaign.

Have a control package you’d like to beat?

We’re up for the challenge.