Why Direct Mail

Why Direct Mail?

Because direct mail works!


  • Social media, websites, and email have their uses, but when it comes to pure fundraising horsepower, direct mail has them all beat — and by a huge margin.  A recent study shows, a median 81 percent of all gifts were given through direct mail, 6 percent were given online, and 3 percent were given through telemarketing. (All other channels combined made up 10 percent.)

    And if these statistics alone aren’t a glowing endorsement of direct mail, consider the following facts:

    • The majority of new supporters (75 percent) give their first gift via direct mail versus online (only 16 percent of new supporters).
    • The typical nonprofit in North America receives more than 75 percent of its total donated revenue through direct mail versus only 10 percent online.
    • The majority of North American supporters give through only one channel: direct mail.

    Without a doubt, direct mail is truly the backbone of a successful fundraising campaign. Fundraising letters are the most effective way to influence people to support your organization. They allow you to keep donors informed about the ways in which their donations are put to good use. In addition, communicating with your supporters also keeps them interested in your organization and your cause, which inspires them to become loyal supporters.

    Direct mail can be used to support and improve fundraising in other areas including online giving and telemarketing. In order to maximize your fundraising strategies and achieve an optimum response from supporters, it’s important to create a plan that is tailored to your organization’s specific needs ensuring that direct mail is at the core of your strategy and that it supports your other efforts.   Not sure if your direct mail is doing the best job at  supporting all fundraising activities?  Let us help.

    At CDMG, our core focus is using direct mail to help your organization build a substantial database of supporters quickly, and we implement strategies that make them loyal supporters. We understand the value of a lifetime supporter. And we’re proud that many of our clients’ have loyal supporters who not only show their support financially but also with their time and with major gifts.